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Their products are now exported to more than 30 countries and the company is known the world over - no mean feat for a company in a declining industry.
This category continues to face significant macro headwinds, resulting from a hypercompetitive industry with new entrants from overseas and online, declining industry foot traffic and deflationary pricing pressures," Campisi said.
Most recently, Novoselsky has served as president of Novitex Enterprise Solutions, where she managed the full P&L and took the company from a legacy document services business to a modern, tech-based digital services firm that experienced double-digit growth in a declining industry.
High unemployment levels coupled with a declining industry and negative perceptions of the region, we have had to fight doubly hard to prove ourselves.
Although still at the cutting edge of new developments, Japan wrestles with the problems of slowing growth and declining industry.
If the member is in a declining industry, it suggests that the future of that business and its ability to repay debt may be problematic.
It blamed declining industry volumes in Europe, which have been impacted by increasing regulation and taxation and the growth in illicit trade.
Both are a microcosm of upstate communities: declining population, declining tax revenue, declining industry, decaying infrastructure, 10% state income tax, etc.
Concern at the fast declining industry in the province, coppersmiths and residents cite the constantly rising utensil imports as a principal reason for declining demand for local copper products.
But voters might ask whether the future of a declining industry is what really matters to Scotland's future.
Responding to claims that the country's economy would be too reliant on a declining industry, the First Minister said oil taxes would merely be a "bonus".
Yet here in the North East, our politicians blindly plough on with grants to fund more capacity in a declining industry.