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reflecting the impact of a year-ago loss on early debt retirement.
Reportedly, the company used after-tax proceeds from its sale of Red Lobster to consummate the debt retirement and to initiate an USD500m accelerated stock buyback (ASB) programme.
Corporate holders of troubled obligations should carefully consider the effect of any potential debt retirement before accepting property in satisfaction.
35 in 2003, including 24 cents in charges for the debt retirement and closing a commercial mail sorting business.
Over the 53 weeks ended January 2 earnings before extraordinary debt retirement items increased 1.
1A supporters point out that any money raised through the new bond and not immediately used for projects can be invested and the proceeds put toward debt retirement.
For the electronics industry, the data showed increased reinvestment in assets and dividends paid relative to cash from operations and a decrease in debt retirement from 1986 to 1988.
The securities comprising this debt retirement are the Nextel Communications, Inc.
Factoring out charges related to early debt retirement in both years, Pathmark posted an adjusted loss of $2.
4 million charge for debt retirement and posted a 65 percent gain in revenues to $39.
Excluding losses in both years tied to early debt retirement Kroger reported a 553.
There is little likelihood of early debt retirement, however, due to financial penalties in Con-way's note agreements.