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It's really a good opportunity to get our message to the storefront dealer who may have a half dozen seed companies competing for a piece of his time.
Send dealer association newsletters, recital fliers and the like for posting on store bulletin boards.
Although the proposed regulations do not discuss a borrowing affiliate contributing to the capital of the investing affiliate (rather than lending), H Enterprises would apply to link the borrowed funds with the dealer affiliate's use of the funds.
In 1938, it passed another measure requiring gun manufacturers and dealers to obtain federal licenses and banning the sale of firearms to known criminals.
A pending bill in Nebraska, meanwhile, would require that all car purchases be delivered through a dealer.
locations presented to African American dealers, which are more often in poorer, crime-ridden neighborhoods.
announced Monday that it had signed the first six dealers to begin selling its cars in Japan next spring.
The instant credit line will give our dealers increased buying power and ultimate convenience without the traditional application process.
The taxpayer will confirm the general form provided in advance to the dealer, with a specific notice sent to the dealer when the QI is notified.
When the initial dealer recruitment ad appeared last winter in Farm Equipment magazine, Michaels was inundated with calls from interested dealers.
Dealer associations--local, regional, state and national--usually welcome nondealers as associate members and are useful for developing contacts and expertise.
Gross revenues may indicate a dealer's salesmanship, but return on sales is the best measure of a dealer's business acumen," says Davis, who received a GM Profit Enhancement Program (PEP) award in 1997 from the GM Minority Dealer Association for the Indiana dealership.