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When it comes to meeting deadlines, the world's power brokers are hardly setting a shining example.
June 1: The Brenda Morgan Leadership Excellence Award deadline
September 21, 2009: Deadline for submitting AGM Proxy Vote forms to National Office
June 1, 2010: Mentorship Award application deadline
The NFL had set a deadline of Wednesday for the three competing sites to begin their EIRs, something the Coliseum completed last December and the Rose Bowl is slated to begin Saturday.
00 principal amount of the Notes, payable to holders who validly tender their Notes and provide their consents to the proposed amendments to the indenture governing the Notes and to the termination of the registration rights agreement relating to the Notes prior to the Consent Payment Deadline.
But coupled with the new deadline, the regulators are also considering punishing failure to meet it with possible sanctions including fines or a ban on hooking new homes up to the Lancaster sewer system.
August 16, 2010: Dynamics 2010--Early Bird Conference Registration deadline
Next application deadlines: There's a rolling admission process, but the deadline is April 11 for fall 1994 admission.
The April 17 deadline applies to 2006 state and federal income tax returns, whether filed electronically or on paper; 2006 balance due tax payments, whether made electronically (e-Pay, credit cards) or by check; individual estimated tax payments for the first quarter of 2007, made electronically or by check, and other provisions as detailed by the IRS in their news release IR-2007-15.
For international scholarships, the application deadline is November 1.
If this deadline cannot be met, the agent must obtain the territory manager's approval.