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A situation in which a company sells one or more of its subsidiaries. Shareholders in the original company are usually given the same proportion of shares in the newly independent company. See also: Spin-off, Divestiture.


the break-up of a company, often originally formed through a MERGER, into two (or more) separate companies. This is most easily achieved when the original businesses comprising the merger have continued to be run as separate divisions of the enlarged group. In this case, for example, the A-B company could be split into separate quoted companies, A and B, with the company's existing shareholders being given shares in both companies. Thus, unlike a DIVESTMENT (the sale of a division to outside interests) or a MANAGEMENT BUY-OUT (the sale of a division to its existing management), initially at least the companies continue to be owned by their existing shareholders.

A de-merger may occur because the merged company has failed to perform up to expectations because of internal conflicts of management, or result from a rethink of the company's BUSINESS STRATEGY favouring a concentration on ‘core’ businesses.

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Trowers & Hamlins' Corporate department advises on private and pre-IPO placements, IPOs (Official List as well as AIM), secondary issues (debt and equity), takeovers (including those structured by way of schemes of arrangement) and other related matters (such as reductions of capital, de-mergers and acquisitions/disposals by listed companies).
All practical issues faced when a stock hits a circuit, illiquid stocks, corporate benefits as in dividend, bonus, split, Mergers, de-mergers etc are all captured and simulated so as to ensure a realistic experience of the markets.
Her main areas of work include acting for clients on asset sales and acquisitions, share sales and acquisitions, company transactions, shareholder agreements, commercial contracts and company reconstruction including de-mergers.
Nicknamed the quiet man of retailing, he was also chief executive of GUS, the now-defunct conglomerate that used to own Argos, Homebase and Experian, overseeing a string of acquisitions, de-mergers and disposals during his time with the group.
Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund fund manager Atul Penkar said that special situations could be defined as opportunities arising out of various events such as mergers, de-mergers, asset play and various other opportunities.
Partial de-mergers in the event that one or more partners wish to leave a combined firm under a predetermined set of conditions
Investors wanted something called 'focus', so sell-offs and de-mergers became the order of the day.
The funny thing about de-mergers, you can never be sure which half will do best.
If Momentum achieves PeopleSoft's aims, be they covert or overt, we will see a great many more of these R&D de-mergers.
He brings an extraordinary depth of expertise in several areas that present the largest challenges and opportunities for our corporate practice clients in the financial and banking sectors, where he has been engaged in critical corporate challenges facing clients, including mergers, de-mergers, workouts and corporate litigation matters.
For example, commercial registers which houses official business names, categories and information sometimes portray extremely complex situations company relocations, mergers, de-mergers or multistage insolvency proceedings.
He said he did not foresee a succession of de-mergers in the legal sector, which has witnessed a rush of law firms joining forces to protect themselves against competition from the banks.