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This has led many individual investors to aspire to become day-traders, seeking ''efficient management of their funds on hand.
Supporting the active trading are so-called day-traders, or individuals who buy and sell stocks for a quick profit during the course of a trading day.
Clients receive data through their PCs and laptops anywhere via phone lines or wireless connection, making it possible for day-traders to easily track their portfolios from their offices, homes or while traveling.
I don't belittle day-traders, because it takes a lot of discipline and a certain mind-set,'' she said.
Right out of the gate, Rick Zulawski, a 43-year-old toolmaker from Canoga Park and an avid day-trader even when he isn't playing stock-picking contests, surged to the front.
This promises tighter security and faster access speeds for China's future day-traders, the newspaper reported.
Nasdaq: MARG), the largest and most respected financial information provider to the Internet today announced the expansion of its relationship with Data Broadcasting Corporation (DBC) (Nasdaq: DBCC), a leading provider of real-time market data to the individual investor and day-traders.
We feel Jack Carl is that partner and has the expertise to offer day-traders the best in the industry.
Knobias markets its products and services to individual investors, day-traders, financial-oriented websites, public issuers, brokers, professional traders, hedge funds and other institutional investors.
Even though this is simulated trading - hence the 'zero at risk' - it is as exciting as any game for highly competitive, motivated, speculative day-traders," said Chris Sheridan, President of MarketZAR, Inc.