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com)-- Firmex Inc, a leading provider of virtual data room solutions, today announced it reached and surpassed its 1,000 customer.
com ) developed the virtual data room (VDR) to facilitate due diligence transactions in the area of real estate, mergers&acquisitions or initial public offerings.
Where there is extremely strong interest in the company being sold, the competition is not just to see who will be the ultimate investor, but there is competition at each step in the process, as to which investors proceed to the next level--such as which investors receive the information memorandum or proceed to the data room.
WatchDox's secure document sharing and virtual data room software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions allow companies to maintain full control and tracking over documents - wherever they go.
This is the third year in a row that the readers of Acquisition International award our data room service this distinction.
Depending on the size and complexity of the company being sold, a data room may contain thousands or even hundreds of thousands of documents, including all relevant client, supplier, employee, financing, and other contracts, as well as title documents, board minutes, and many other documents.
It is expected that the data room will close by early February 2016 and that any transaction arising from the data room initiative would be announced within the March quarter 2016.
Services include IPO registrations, transactions, virtual data rooms, EDGAR & XBRL filing, typesetting, financial printing and investor relations websites.
Virtual Data Room Rising Star-US w/ Vintage, a division of PR Newswire
V-Rooms conducted months of deep usability research and testing with its customers and advisors resulting in an award winning, best-in-class, virtual data room solution.
The company has proposed to upstream oil and gas regulator SKKMigas to open its data room for the South Natuna Sea Block B, the agency's spokesman Elan Biantoro told Reuters, noting that such requests were usually made by companies "that want to farm out their participating interests.
A data room is used by a company seeking debt or equity financing.