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We also used the phone like a daily driver with generous amounts of social media browsing, playing YouTube videos, and browsing the web apart from half an hour of gaming and copious use of the camera to take photos.
Wales Air Ambulance pilot Jon Earp, who is helping to organise the event, said: "Everything and anything is our motto; new or old, daily driver or cherished machine.
Whether you're planning to sell your vehicle or just want to freshen up your daily driver, we'll show you how to slap the shabby off your vehicle's interior.
It was her daily driver, but she took the bus everywhere so it only had 32,000 miles.
Not only can the vehicle handle the Point A-to-Point B needs of a daily driver yet still offer the performance and athleticism demands to be a road racing champion, but all drivers can enjoy getting behind the wheel of a genuine sports convertible that is safe, dynamic, luxurious and attainable.
Shifting toward a broad acceptance of metrics as a daily driver of HR decision making and prediction will require learning and a thoughtful reconsideration of assumptions.
This combination of powertrain and features makes the new Carol GS4 the perfect daily driver.
Montgomery Insurance, a Liberty Mutual Group regional operation, is offering a GPS-based real-time vehicle tracking and daily driver reporting service for commercial fleet managers and owners.
But for my daily driver, I have a 1967 Dodge D100 pick-up.
Of course being his daily driver for a year and battling the weather has taken its toll on the wee car and now it is off the road for a major overhaul and some serious engine problems (Ryan's fault) .
And key to the Nissan GT-R's usability as a both daily driver and a high-performance supercar is its interior, which is designed to balance functionality, a sense of ease and comfort.
That might limit the RS 4's duty as a daily driver, especially in such places as Southern California, where traffic jams are as common as sunshine.