Deutsche Terminbörse

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Deutsche Terminbörse (DTB)

Formerly the German financial futures and options market. Merged with the Swiss Options and Financial Futures Exchange (SOFFEX) in 1998 to form EUREX, the European derivatives exchange.

Deutsche Terminborse

Formerly a German exchange for options and futures contracts. It was the first fully computerized exchange in Germany and the first to trade futures. In 1998, Deutsche Terminborse merged with the Swiss Options and Financial Futures Exchange to form Eurex.
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Zebra Technologies worked with LUMC to develop a solution powered by Zatar, Zebra's Internet of Things (IoT) platform to enable hospitals to track patients and provide real-time feedback on DTB time.
With tasteful designs and outstanding reviews on quality and price, DTB Lingerie and Accessories offers more variety and even more affordable prices.
Neither Mr Gaffar nor DTB Design could be reached for comment.
Steroids (creams and tablets) are recommended for itching and inflammation, although there is no actual evidence to support their use, says DTB, except for people with eczema.
3 litre, three cylinder engine built by Liversedge-based DTB Panther Trikes to Mr Biddiss's specifications.
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The center's pilot project learned some useful things about the future shape of Digital Talking Books that DTB playback devices need to have larger, better-spaced control buttons; that users need audible clues to indicate when various function have been executed and that DTBs need to provide variable-speed playback without causing the sound to become distorted .
Because ditaurobilirubin (DTB), which is present in most commercial calibrators, and bovine serum, which is used instead of human serum for preparing calibrators, have been shown to interfere with the measurement of bilirubin (3), we investigated the effects of DTB and bovine serum on the measurement of total bilirubin by diazo methods.
The DTB said a recent analysis of six controlled trials involving a total
DTB, TDSA (Mexoryl SX) ile koruyucu etkinligini arttirmak icin kombine edilebilir6.