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Therefore, we hypothesize that the supplementation of DOP into duck diets would result in positive effects in growth performance, antioxidant enzyme activity, and physicochemical properties of the breast meat of meat ducks.
Comparison of mobility between PBMS and DOP plasticizer.
All aged tensile strengths and elongations of CNSL were equal/better than both TP 95 and DOP.
We found the lower-limb BMC to be negative when correlated with the DOP in both groups with paraplegia (r = -0.
Figures 4 and 5 show the theoretical results of filter medium efficiency for 1 [micro]m particles compared with those of testing using DOP (0.
The only issue that remained on the table after agreement on the DOP had been reached involved mutual recognition.
For these and other reasons, it is difficult to see PED remaining of any great value to serious scholars when DOP is complete.
Lately with notification from Japan about ban on DOP from being used in plastic packaging starting July 2003, the government and plastic packaging industrialists plan to make some explanation to Japan.
Major consumers of DOP are Bata (Pakistan) Ltd, Service Industries Ltd, Newage Cables, Pakistan Cables Industries, Atlas Cable, etc.
The proposed DOP tax rates per thousand dollars of assessment, which include the cop tax, would be as follows:
Accounting for around 65% of the total low-phthalate market, DOP production is expected to be switched to high-phthalate plasticisers.
The demand for DOP is showing upwards trends owing to its low cost and suitable plasticizing properties that are further employed in various end-use applications.