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But celebrity suicides are only a microcosm of South Korea's wider social problems, including cutthroat competition in areas from education to workplaces and a lack of safety nets, said commentator Kim, calling depression an "inevitable outcome" of living under such strain.
Although this is the first case for a Chinese LED enterprise buying into a Taiwanese counterpart, institutional investors remarked that the investment will only affect the share prices of individual stocks, rather than the overall share prices of LED enterprises, as the LED industry has been mired in cutthroat competition, following the step of the solar-energy industry.
Abdul Rahman Talhouni, 55, is the owner of a small chemical processing factory and he told The Media Line: "We already suffer from cutthroat competition with products from China, the Gulf and other countries that dump products in Jordan at much lower prices.
suffered from hefty losses in fiscal 2011 due partly to declining TV prices amid oversupply and cutthroat competition with South Korean rivals.
Most airlines in India are losing money as a result of high fuel costs, cutthroat competition and a slowdown in the economy.
Other Japanese electronics makers are also struggling because of the prolonged strength of the Japanese yen and deteriorating conditions in the TV market amid cutthroat competition from rivals like South Korea's Samsung Electronics Co.
On the shelf since the Dark Ages of 2009, "Airs Faire in Love" uses the novel setting of a Renaissance Faire--in which performers and patrons alike celebrate ye olde age of plague, pestilence and bad dentistry--to restage the venerable summer-camp comedy, replete with romance, rivalries, cutthroat competition and a dramatic structure that seems positively medieval.
Summary: Telecommunications firms in the Gulf are reacting to cutthroat competition by offering subsidized handsets, hoping to persuade customers to upgrade to smartphones and boost lucrative data usage.
3 handset maker, has recorded five consecutive quarterly losses from mobile phone sales, with cutthroat competition pressuring the company to overhaul its business.
But cutthroat competition may force Honda to change its stance in the world's second fastest growing car market, according to the report.
But in these days of cutthroat competition, shrinking commissions and the legislative uncertainty surrounding some lines of business, it's tough to balance that quest for new business with the need to keep existing customers satisfied.
government and international organizations, in addition to more cutthroat competition from peer firms.