Customer's loan

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Customer's loan

Agreement signed by a margin customer that allows a broker to borrow margin securities up to the level of the customer's debit balance to help cover other customers' short positions.

Customer's Loan

An agreement that a client may make with a brokerage allowing the brokerage to borrow the client's margin securities to cover short sales and fail to delivers made by other clients. Margin securities are securities that the client uses as collateral in order to borrow from the brokerage and buy other securities. Even though the brokerage possesses the margin securities, they still belong to the client. As a result the brokerage must have a customer's loan agreement on file to use the securities for other purposes. A customer's loan agreement should not be confused with a margin agreement. See also: Margin account.
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Kingdom Securities' analysts say in a 2018 strategy note that the lenders are likely to vote for the safety of government lending as the rate cap on customer loans remains in place.
Outstanding customer loans (net of provisions and reserved agios) rose by
AIB is selling customer loans with a face value of EUR3.
Customer loans and advances, as of end of September 2017, have also grown by 4.
This was as the bank expanded its earning assets, with customer loans increasing by 17 percent year-on-year to P1.
Program "Reducing payment" allows you to combine all customer loans into one and reduce the cost of debt payments by lowering the interest rate and the monthly payment.
TBI is a consumer-focused financial group in Bulgaria and Romania with consolidated assets of EUR272 million as of 30 June 2016, including EUR175 million of customer loans.
The bank said that in line with its ongoing deleveraging strategy, gross customer loans remained in line with the first quarter 2016 level despite a 17 per cent reduction in the 'non-core' portfolio.
2m in provisions for impairments of customer loans in its first quarter earnings which dropped to e1/43.
The bank's customer loans and advances increased by 47 per cent to Dh17.
In addition to the low interest charged on customer loans, the company has also introduced several policies designed to help provide the best quality of service to customers.
266 billion, customer loans increases by 15 percent to reach $4.

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