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ReligionCode is available to code customer information files, direct marketing lists and as a geographically- referenced population database from neighborhood to metro market and county levels of geography.
Alternatively, companies can agree to use a central database to periodically refresh their own customer information files, perhaps replacing outdated postal addresses.
Marketing customer information files (MCIF) and customer relationship management (CRM) system are changing Staying on top of these modifications and keeping employees knowledgeable about them is one of the biggest technological challenges banks face today.
Doug Curling, president of ChoicePoint and Kurt Sanford, CEO of LexisNexis, testified that not only had there been security breaches in the computerized customer information files, but that they did not immediately report those breaches to victims.
Incentive plans have been developed, particularly in the encoding, data entry and customer information files areas to help increase the per hour volume operators could process.
14] In the case of one company, a security breach allowed anyone to view thousands of private customer information files that revealed names, addresses, and other personal information, without restriction.
Unlike front and back office application customer information files (CIFs) that cannot meet demanding performance requirements, DWL Customer(TM) was designed to perform in the most demanding performance environments, making it the leading CDI solution for leading organizations.
Links to customer information files, account relationship information, and other data sources have been integrated, so users can complete all aspects of exceptions processing within the tool.
Through their processors, member banks can also access TCB's Customer Information Files system stored on a mainframe at corporate headquarters.
Through our relationship with TransUnion, we are also exploring additional ways that TFP and TransUnion can assist our mutual clients, including providing entity screening services for bulk screening of customer information files through TFP's FACScreen(TM).
Additional features include complete multi-state/multi-bank suspense accounting, fully automatic check "all-items" research, and automated, integrated interfaces to systems such as Fedline, Reconciliation, DDA, GL, Customer Information Files, and Bank Routing and Transit Number Files.

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