current production rate

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Current production rate

Current Production Rate

The highest interest rate payable on mortgage-backed securities guaranteed by the Government National Mortgage Association (Ginnie Mae). The current production rate is usually half a point less than what the homeowners are paying in interest on their mortgage. For example, if homeowners whose mortgages back the securities are paying 6% on their mortgages, the maximum interest payable is almost always 5.5%. See also: Ginnie Mae Pass-Through.

current production rate

The maximum interest rate payable on current Ginnie Mae pass throughs. The current production rate is usually 1/2 of 1% under the rate of interest charged on mortgages backing the pass throughs, with the difference covering service charges to the firm processing the mortgages.
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ExxonMobil's reserves life at current production rates is 14 years.
At current production rates, that's enough to move Diamond's diesels to nearly 20 percent of OEM production.
A huge number of backlog orders acts as a cushion between demand and current production rates, which can buffer any projected softening in demand.
Qatar's gas reserves would last at least another 156 years at current production rates, a new report has shown.
Current production rates of resins now see less than 2% annual growth in the U.
I had forgotten just how much I loved Bourne's interpretation of Swan Lake, which is constantly evolving - although its heart remains intact - and this current production rates as my favourite to date.
Geological formations are currently considered the most promising sequestration sites -- the USA has enough storage capacity for more than 900 years worth of CO2 at current production rates.
Since the turbine was commissioned last November, it has produced an average of 1,225 kWh (kilowatt hours) each month, and the return on investment for this installation is now expected to exceed the forecast nine-year payback at current production rates.
Last year, the 2012 BP Statistical Review of World Energy said that at current production rates, there is enough oil to last just another 54 years.
Current production rates see one backhoe machine roll off one of the company's manufacturing lines every three minutes.
The enlarged company will operate as Trinity Exploration & Production Plc and will have 11 operated fields as well as gross and net production of some 4,650 and 3,800 barrels per day (bbl/d), respectively, based on current production rates.

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