Current order

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Current order

In the context of periodic repayment schedules, the next periodic principal repayment.

Current Order

The payment on a loan or other liability that is due next. For example, if a student loan is due on the third of each month, and it is currently December 8th, the current order is the loan payment due on January 3rd of the following year.
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With the help of Sao Paulo-based developer Portway Sistemas, Peixoto Atacadista's system provides customer-specific data on past sales, current orders, financial background, sales goals and available inventory.
When combined with Spirit's existing all-Airbus fleet and current orders, this new order would grow the airline's fleet to 70 aircraft.
The Company expects to take delivery in early January and expects this order to fill all current orders through February 2007.
The company is building and delivering PackBot robots to meet current orders of more than $43 million for the Naval Sea Systems Command's Man Transportable Robotic System (MTRS) program.
QI Systems also announced today the completion of the production and final shipment of its current orders for smart-card payment terminals to Cale Systems Inc.
According to McCleave, Chariot has current orders in excess of $130K in trailers alone.
Spurr said closure is being considered based on three primary factors - near-term projected order flow from the North American rolling stock market, the status of some current orders which are winding down toward completion, and the necessity to reduce fixed costs to enhance competitiveness.
Current orders suggest that customers are purchasing approximately 20 filters for every mask.
Based on current orders in the area, this coal has an "in the pit value" with BTU premiums of $60 per ton.
Based on current orders in backlog for the first quarter of 2006, the company is also forecasting a profitable first quarter in the upcoming 2006 fiscal year.
After little more than loading the master files, Dart was ready to coordinate the transfer, in-bound, storage and ultimate distribution of current orders as well as the backlogged orders, in less 48 hours.
Current orders and purchase commitments indicate continued increases in sales for the remaining six (6) months of the year.

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