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The ratings agency said in its annual "The Middle East and North Africa (Mena) sovereign outlook" report that while "most net importers are presented with benefits from improving external current account balances and lower fiscal spending on subsidies, lower oil revenues will adversely affect net oil exporters' fiscal and external positions, with varying degrees of pressure across GCC countries.
Core inflation remains low, and the fiscal and current account balances are sustainable," IMF Deputy Managing Director Nemat Shafik said in a statement.
5% this year with a strong outlook for current account balances
3) present the mean equations of current account balance, government budget balance, and real interest rates as a three-variable VAR system with lag length of p, where CA, GB, and RI denote current account balances, government budget balance, and real interest rates, respectively.
First Direct says that the changes are because customers don't want interest on their current account balances.
Federal Reserve System, over the last 9 years major East Asian countries' (China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand) current account balances have moved from aggregate deficits of 1.
Globally, current account balances must sum to zero.
The main reason people gave for withdrawing money was to spend it on impulse purchases, with an average of pounds 132 blown on shopping sprees, while pounds 40 went on holidays and around pounds 29 was taken out to bolster current account balances
Despite Londoners maintaining the highest current account balances, they also rack up the biggest overdrafts, with the average in the city being pounds 961.
But the BOJ under Hayami had consistently resisted this pressure, believing there was already excess liquidity available to financial institutions, which could not or would not use the excess funds they already had (as huge current account balances at the BOJ).
HOMEOWNERS in Wales could save over pounds 420 a year, or approximately pounds 9,130 off the term of their mortgage by using integrated banking services that allow them to ``offset'' their savings and current account balances against their mortgage.
603736) Oracle(R) iReceivables, an Internet-based account management solution, helps reduce the cost structure of billing and collections by providing a company's customers the ability to perform extensive inquiries, print invoices, dispute bills, and review current account balances, all online.