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Buyers from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East are now well placed to secure bargains in the London prime housing market by exploiting both a softening of property values and a favourable currency arbitrage.
Paradoxically, however, investors may well identify opportunities in this market over the short-term, particularly international buyers that can benefit from the currency arbitrage that has opened up by a weaker Sterling.
A foreign currency arbitrage trading strategy may employ several major currencies, including currencies of the industrialized nations for which there are regulated futures contracts, as well as the currencies of smaller nations.
Besides being used for hedging, foreign currency straddles can be used in foreign currency arbitrage trading strategies.
The idea behind currency arbitrage is to take advantage of the price differential between spot or cash trades versus the pricing of future or forward value of the same currency.
Besides the carry trades, which may consist of simple term contracts, swaps, reversed repos or more complex financial instruments, several Governments have also resorted to currency arbitrage but on a very different scale and with a different motive.
The financial crisis has also given rise to direct or indirect currency arbitrage by multiple Governments which can only exacerbate the global situation.
CEFC seems to be shifting to that role from an earlier image as a commodity trade financing player," said a senior Beijing trader, referring to CEFC's practice of using mixed aromatics to raise bank loans to profit from the currency arbitrage.
Its strategy is long term, fundamental seeking alpha opportunities in most market conditions by benefiting from currency arbitrage and exchange rate differentials.
There would be a natural currency arbitrage between dollar and sterling but we are not concerned.
com, capturing that currency arbitrage, and then resell the inventory to their customers at a 50 percent markup.