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A shares and B shares markets), which was characteristic of complete market segmentation, and similar to the Chinese foreign exchange markets before partial currency convertibility.
First, does partial currency convertibility help produce more informed RMB official exchange rates, at least in the long run?
Internal currency convertibility was achieved in August when Soviet citizens were granted the legal right to hold hard currency and open bank accounts without having to explain the source of their hard currency earnings -- hard currency accounts previously were restricted to those who had worked abroad or who were in contact with foreign companies.
Gilman, Martin (1990), "Heading for Currency Convertibility," Finance and Development 27 (Washington, DC: IMF and World Bank), pp.
I am deeply convinced that the reform process after the crossing of the Rubicon -- which means after price liberalization, after integration into the world economy by means of foreign trade liberalization, after introduction of internal currency convertibility, and after initiation of a vigorous privatization program -- begins to have its own internal dynamics and can only be stopped by huge mistakes.
macroeconomic stand-by arrangements facilitating price deregulation, foreign trade liberalization and currency convertibility in countries with limited hard currency reserves and huge currency debts.
Currency convertibility is still in question, and foreign firms can repatriate only 15 percent of earnings made in Poland.
The debt service ability of China Mobile (Hong Kong) continues to be affected by the currency convertibility risk arising from the Chinese yuan-dominated cash flow of its operating subsidiaries in China, the agency said.
The risks of currency convertibility and transferability are being assumed under the cross currency swap by the swap provider facilitating a rating of triple-'A' on the US$ class A Euro notes, Standard & Poor's said.
This word does not exist in my dictionary," Dar said, rejecting reports a devaluation was on the horizon as a result of an agreement with IMF that Pakistan will switch to full currency convertibility by July.
Shipments to China, Russia and southeast Asia have been reduced because of import controls, currency convertibility and decreased demand.
This agreement also provides for undertakings regarding tax concessions, import duties, withholding taxes, currency convertibility and availability, and political force majeure events.