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training of growers on alteration of acaricides based on mode of action to facilitate long term sustainable spider mite management for agriculture in Jordan and studying the mechanisms of resistance to acaricides is very important to prevent cross resistance between closely related groups.
tabaci in the absence of cross resistance to neonicotinoids, pyriproxyfen and conventional insecticides suggest that spiromesifen can be a valuable tool in management of insecticide resistance in B.
In the present investigation, we show that Staphylococcus aureus is able to acquire a resistance against hyperforin which did not lead to a cross resistance against clinically used antibiotics.
Rifaximin has several advantages as a prophylactic agent, namely, it is safe and well tolerated, it does not modify the colonic flora, it is effective against the most commonly occurring bacterial pathogens and it has no cross resistance to the systemically available fluoroquinolone antibiotics.
In addition, the mite's resistance to certain acaricides has been shown to have cross resistance to other acaricides.
Clinically Relevant Phenotypic Resistance and Cross Resistance to Tipranavir Among Recent Routine Clinical Isolates, 4th European Resistance Workshop, Monte Carlo, March 30th, 2006, Poster 40, Virco; Lee Bacheler et al.
pyogenes is always sensitive to treatment with penicillins, but because of cross resistance from MRSA, S.