Critical Levels

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Critical Levels

Values of control parameters where the nature of a nonlinear dynamic system changes. The system can bifurcate, or make the transition from stable to turbulent behavior. An example is the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Critical Level

1. A variable that has reached a sufficiently high or low value as to change the nature of what is discussed. For example, if the revenue of a small business reaches a certain level, it may need to hire additional employees, which could subject the business to more regulation, and this may result in the small business becoming a medium-sized business or even a large corporation. In this case, the revenue necessary to make this happen is called the critical level of revenue.

2. The time when a company's operations have become sufficiently profitable that it can sustain itself without further capital infusions or other sources of outside funding. Critical level is the goal of all start-ups, many of which may remain in the development stage for years or never leave it.

In both cases, the critical level is also called critical mass.
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The critical levels for Ruse are over 880 cm, but even then there is no risk for the urban area of the city.
Four of the country's nine dams reached their critical levels, while the rest were near critical levels in six days since Egay began as a low pressure area in the southern Philippines on Tuesday, said Undersecretary Benito Ramos of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC).
We are 10 days into a holiday period that drains the blood supply down to critical levels.
We're just trying to make it easier for people to donate early before it gets too busy, and we hope we'll get enough to avoid dropping to critical levels near the end of the month.
Apartment vacancy rates decline to critical levels in major northeastern Ontario centres
SystemMonitor examines the system's available resources and issues warnings if they reach critical levels.
We have hit some critical levels for the Pound Yen and I establish a good looking fib entry and or break out plan, above 141.
JACK NICKLAUS fever reached critical levels yesterday.
As this is not true--and is unmanageable in any case--the vendor needs to lead and negotiate with the customer to identify critical levels and data types.
Fire danger is approaching critical levels, he said.
The hope is that periodic infusions of interleukin-2 will maintain critical levels of T cells and thus ward off the opportunistic infections that plague AIDS patients.
They may work on redundant or parallel pathways" to ensure that accumulation doesn't reach critical levels, Pisetsky says.