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3]> which are subsets on X, and every crisp set in X is obviously a NCS having the form <[A.
Before introducing the basic concepts of the crisp set and Boolean algebra method, a hypothetical research scenario focusing on a student affairs research interest will be presented.
A fuzzy set A is defined in the crisp set U as a set of ordered pairs A = <(w,[[mu].
A] of a crisp set A maps the elements of X to the elements of the set {0,1}, i.
Former Aston Villa youngster Richard Crisp set up Evran Wright for his 19th goal of the season to raise Halsowen's promotion hopes after only eight minutes, but the visitors drew level through Andy Pincher just before halime.
Let X be a nonempty crisp set and 0 [less than or equal to] [alpha] [less than or equal to] 3.
When Stuart Crisp set up The Fun Centre in Caernarfon almost three years ago he made sure all the play equipment was strong enough to take the weight of adults.
Let XX be a non-empty fixed set, a neutrosophic crisp set A (NCS for short), can be defined as a triple of the fonn <[A.
Carrying top weight, Crisp set off to run his rivals ragged and he did that until his legs gave out in a final dramatic half mile.
3] > be a neutrosophic crisp set on a set X, then