credit history

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Credit history

A record of how a person has borrowed and repaid debt.

Credit History

A record of one's payment history on current and previous debt. If one makes payments on time and does not acquire an excessive amount of debt, one's credit history is likely to be good. This makes an individual a good risk if he/she wishes to borrow more money. On the other hand, if one has a history of late payments and/or default, the individual is likely to be a bad risk and may be denied credit. One's FICO score is a measure of one's credit history.

credit history

An individual's history and experience regarding repayment of loans and use of revolving credit such as credit cards.

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A report has cleared concerns that a large number of car loans were being offered to people with poor credit records.
This is done via a "soft search" that lenders cannot see - and does not leave a mark on credit records.
In a statement released recently, the CPA's spokesman Abdulrahman Al-Qahtani said that while it has signed an agreement with private schools that parents with debt of over 30 percent cannot register their children, this does not mean that schools are allowed unfettered access to credit records.
Among her other complaints was the allegation that the company released both her information, including her Social Security number, to businesses looking for the other June Miller's credit records.
According to the National Credit Regulator in the quarter ending March 2012, 10,357 disputes were lodged in respect of the accuracy of the information recorded on consumer credit records.
Three major bureaus keep track of Americans' credit records.
ACF Car Finance is the UK's largest company which specialises in providing vehicles and arranging loans for people with impaired credit records.
With the recession, customers are finding it more and more difficult to apply successfully for new cards, with many card providers now saving their top deals only for those with the best credit records.
Boss Peter Crook said business is also booming at its credit card business Vanquis, which offers expensive cards to people with poor credit records.
There are three nationwide consumer reporting companies that keep consumer credit records.
1) That analysis revealed the breadth and depth of the information in credit records.
The research found that many people were left to rely on door-to-door lending, informal loan clubs and pawn shops after being turned down by banks, or feeling unable to approach them because of bad credit records.