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That appetite for creative accountancy has ballooned out of all control since the Internet transformed the rumour mill into a 24/7 phenomenon.
Charles is partial to some creative accountancy too.
McGhee would need to turn his hand to creative accountancy as well as football management to do his best for the Lanarkshire club under those circumstances.
Derek Simpson, joint leader of the Unite union, fumed: "This is creative accountancy with people's jobs.
The latest raft of front-page headlines about the Labour Party's unconventional approach to book-keeping was mirrored by fresh 'revelations' about the creative accountancy that sustains football's grey economy.
Slick tax advisers and creative accountancy were admired as a kind of smartness and there was virtually no sense of civic responsibility whatever.
His creative accountancy is good news for the country's schools and hospitals.
Instead, customers seem to be fair game for creative accountancy.
At the moment, the CSA can easily get hold of poor punters who are on PAYE but some wide guys working for themselves can use creative accountancy.
So for creative accountancy, therefore, Lycra shorts must mean the only way is up.
And TGWU official David Stark added: "We don't accept the figures or the creative accountancy that comes with it.
If the men who juggle the numbers can get away with a little creative accountancy, they can be relied upon to do it.