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When those issues are continually crammed down the throats of conservatives by an outdated hierarchy that becomes more and more totalitarian with each new policy dictate, it is time to separate.
For the first time in 100 years, one party crammed down a bill with national implications without any agreement from the opposing party.
Everywhere you turn, technology is being crammed down your throat; from double page spread Apple adverts showing 'emotions' instead of products, to meaningless celebrity endorsements - it's therefore reassuring to know that behind all the pretence there is a place genuine technology fans can go to meet one another, learn, teach, work and just be themselves, a bit like how amateur hobbyists developed the first personal computers all those years ago.
Yet it never once occurred to me to calculate the number of buffalo each hunter-skinner unit would have to process to add up to the numbers crammed down my throat in history class and by the environmental left.
education system treats math like medicine to be crammed down students' throats because it is good for them, without much effort to explain why.
As a result, your children and my grandchildren are in constant danger of having fundamentalist propaganda crammed down their throats in federally funded abstinence-only classes, or in federally funded "counseling" programs run by Baptists, Catholics, and other religious groups.
Unless we develop, everything is going to be crammed down in the South-East.
The show has to go on, of course, because so many Republicans successfully ran for election or re-election on the promise to repeal this travesty of socialism that the Democrats crammed down everyone's throats.
NAFCU President/CEO Fred Becker wrote that "any amounts crammed down are losses to the credit union that ultimately lead to increased loan rates and decreased dividends offered to members of the credit union.
To the contrary, mortgage cram-downs would contravene Justice Stevens' specific admonition, a unanimous Supreme Court ruling, and the legislative history upon which it was based, thus creating the ability for some debtors to demand that the principal amount of their mortgages be rewritten or crammed down.
Rolling out of my warm bag in the cool pre-dawn darkness of opening morning, I quickly crammed down a snack, grabbed my fanny pack and bow, and headed toward a distant area that I'd scouted.
Well, considering that most of the changes in the past 15 years have been crammed down our throats, without any input from practicing IM physicians, this sounds like we are going to embrace our tormentors.