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Discussions also covered Security Council Resolution 1701, which put an end to the 2006 war with Israel, as well as regional developments, particularly the impact of the Syria crisis on Lebanon.
Boxes 10 and 11 were added to accommodate the new reporting requirements for a debt instrument that is a covered security and that is acquired by a taxpayer with market discount, bond premium, or acquisition premium.
On the final third day, the agenda covered security concerns and corruption, which the US administration says are holding back growth and investment in Africa, and the US announced new aid to support African peacekeeping forces and new security co-operation.
It cited "the sweeping reforms which covered security agencies, the judiciary, Public Prosecution, labour and information policies, in addition to education and human rights.
The topics covered security best practices, maximizing security investments, emerging school security technology, funding options and challenges facing administrators.
SLUSA's preclusion provision stipulates that no state law class action can be maintained in either state or federal court by any private party alleging fraud in connection with the purchase or sale of a covered security [emphasis added].
6045A requires that every applicable person transferring a covered security to a broker must provide an information transfer statement within 15 days after settlement of the transfer.
Sometimes, however, I'm taken aback when a company offering security products or services says something like, "Oh, I didn't know you covered security issues.
He has worked at the fifth estate, CTV National News, W5, and, most recently, the Globe and Mail, where he covered security and intelligence issues.
The Asset Covered Security Bill 2001 has the aim of allowing Irish financial institutions to compete more effectively against European competition after the euro currency becomes a fact of life in Ireland at the start of 2002 - just a few weeks away.
Amend the Florida blue sky statute to delete the "dealer" registration requirement for offerings in Florida of a federal-covered security (government by appropriate rules of the Security and Exchange Commission) in order that an offering of a federal covered security need not satisfy the requirements of the Florida private placement exemption under F.
where he covered security topics including firewalls, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, security consulting and managed security services for the Security and Privacy group.