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See Corbett, supra note 22, at 1086 (examining reasons behind proliferation of counterfeit drug theft in developing nations); Moken, supra note 22, at 534 (acknowledging sympathetic allowance of counterfeit sales).
Most counterfeit goods seized by WYTS are donated to specialist charities who de-badge the goods and distribute them to poorer people at home and abroad.
An ALDE group seminar saw a number of European manufacturers and other stakeholders meet to discuss ways to improve the fight against counterfeit goods.
LANCASTER - A Lancaster man was in federal custody Friday, suspected of heading a million-dollar ring that trafficked in counterfeit cigarettes, officials said.
About 1 in 25,000 $50 notes is a counterfeit, according to the Federal Reserve.
Li, a new immigrant from Fujian who jumped into the counterfeit business a few weeks ago, said to a potential buyer, "The police are here, I have to go, but if you want to buy I'll be back later.
This past July, an innocent brush with a counterfeit $20 bill at a Chick-fil-A restaurant almost cost Larry Ulmer his job, got him jail time, and caused him to fail a background cheek for a new position when he was just days away from signing an acceptance letter.
Counterfeit ink and toner cartridges are a costly problem for Latin American businesses and consumers.
Since May 10, pharmaceutical manufacturers and the FDA have been warning medical professionals and patients about wrongly labeled or counterfeit drugs.
This article traces the connections between the circulation of commodities and counterfeit coins in The Roaring Girl.
NASDAQ: MSFT) has brought software piracy lawsuits against three software vendors across the state of Pennsylvania for the alleged distribution of counterfeit Microsoft(R) software.
Widespread counterfeit marketing across product categories and geographical regions concerns multinational enterprises.