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Regression of two models is used to test for the existence of demand-pull or cost-push inflation in Pakistan.
Cost-push inflation arises from increases in relative prices particular to individual markets that pass through permanently to the price level.
The bad news is that declining revenues, coupled with cost-push inflation, could mean that General Synod will once again face a deficit budget in 2014.
The UAE is going to face cost-push inflation because a lot of its consumer and intermediate production goods are imported [from India]," Dalton Garis, an Abu Dhabi-based economist, told Gulf News.
Gifford and the cost-push inflation fallacy', History of Economics Review, 47(1), pp.
Earnings for those oil and gas companies with larger E&P exposure are more vulnerable to cost-push inflation, as their E&P margins are smaller than those of integrated companies.
The move is totally against the expectations on business doing community as the ground has been set for cost-push inflation, he added.
Secondly, by pushing Pakistan to increase its electricity tariff and interest rates, the cost of production has increased, resulting in cost-push inflation on the one hand, and making Pakistani products uncompetitive in the world market on the other, in addition to increasing poverty because of inflation.
Li said, 'This round of price inflation was triggered by 'cost-push' movement, but if monetary policy is too loose, it will cause cost-push inflation to become more serious inflation.
The government should do its utmost to prevent stagflation, which is a recession accompanied by cost-push inflation.
It is obvious from the new taxation proposals and expenditure reduction strategy that the budget would promote cost-push inflation.
Students could also research other causes and aspects of inflation, including cost-push inflation and the Consumer Price Index.