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Work session on possible geographic adjustments to transportation systems development charge, and proposed cost of living adjustment to parks systems development charge.
The Runner bill doesn't change that revenue limit amount assigned to each school district; rather, it changes the cost of living adjustment that each district receives from Proposition 98 funds.
Additionally, employees were awarded the first cost of living adjustment (COLA) since fiscal 2002.
Those seniors who are living on the margin would have most of their cost of living adjustment eaten up by the increase in premiums for prescription drugs, and for most seniors, that would be automatically taken from their Social Security check.
The fiscal 2007 budget is balanced, provides a modest 3% cost of living adjustment (COLA) effective mid-year, and authorizes additional staff for its county jail and juvenile probation operations.
This contract protects wages for our existing employees, preserves Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) payments and maintains excellent health care benefits for both our active and retired members," said USW-BFGoodrich coordinator Larry Jackson.