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Corporate Bond

Debt securities issued by a for-profit company instead of a government. Corporate bonds are a major way companies raise funds for their operations or for a specific project. The risk of a corporate bond for a bondholder depends on the creditworthiness of the issuing company. As with all bonds, corporate bonds have a maturity, at which time the principal is repaid to bondholders. They also usually have a stated coupon rate. Corporate bonds are taxable.


Of or relating to a bond issued by a corporation as opposed to a bond issued by the U.S. Treasury or a municipality.
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NASDAQ: FNDT), a leading provider of end-to-end corporate banking software and services, today announced they will host a series of educational briefing sessions in 2007.
This conference will include a detailed session and discussion on the assignment of Latin America Corporate IDRs and RRs.
As a result of incorporating recovery into specific issue ratings, several of these unique players received ratings above their corporate FC IDR to reflect higher levels of expected recovery, on average, given default when caused by a systemic risk event such as a sovereign or external liquidity crisis.
The Impact of the New US Corporate Governance Rules on Asian Companies.
Since 2000, CECP's Excellence in Corporate Philanthropy Awards have been presented annually to companies such as GE, Novartis, Pfizer, Target, IBM, Merck, Arch Chemicals, Hasbro, Whole Foods Market and Timberland.
This decision was the result of careful analysis and involved input from corporate governance experts and the company's shareholders.
Meetings spend constitutes between one- and two-thirds of overall corporate travel spend.
NASDAQ(R) chose to partner with CCBN for its suite of state-of-the-art corporate communication services, including webcast production, Web site development, and other online investor relations services.
Corporate Express plans to test the new SUN Solaris-based VoiceLogistics release with the new applications over the next 30 days in the Data Center at their headquarters, and is prepared to move forward with the next site.
Tax effects occur because the investor in corporate bonds is subject to state and local taxes on interest payments while government bonds are not subject to these taxes," says Martin Gruber, Nomura Professor of Finance at the Stern School and co-author of the study.
The five-day certification program ensures selected agents are qualified to support their corporate customers in building and maintaining their corporate travel policy on the SAP/R3 system.
Each of the 2-day events provides a thorough understanding of Corporate Portals -- with coverage of technology and business issues.

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