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Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

A title held often by the Chairperson of the Board, or the president. The person principally responsible for the activities of a company.

Chief Executive Officer

In a corporation, the highest ranking officer in the company. In smaller companies, the chief executive officer may be combined with the president (the second-highest officer). The CEO has the responsibility of setting the overarching goals of the company and ensuring that they are met. He/she often serves as a point person between the company's management and the board of directors. The CEO is usually a member of the board of directors himself/herself. Generally speaking, the smaller a firm is, the more day-to-day management responsibilities the CEO has.

chief executive officer (CEO)

The person responsible to a company's board of directors for carrying out its policies. Essentially, the CEO is the highest-ranking executive managing the firm on a day-to-day basis. Also called chief operating officer. See also chairman.
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Nobuyuki Idei, Representative Corporate Executive Officer, Chairman and Group CEO has implemented an effective reallocation of group-wide resources and promotion of cross-border alliances within the Sony Group.
We needed immediate results and we were pressed for time," said Jojo Bacaltos, HDMF corporate executive officer.
Lehman, Executive Vice President of Corporate Resources, Chief Financial Officer (CFO), and Corporate Executive Officer of Sun Microsystems Inc.
New York Times business columnist Holstein gives advice to corporate executive officers (who are so "time-starved" they can't read more than a 100-page book--or so goes the conceit of this series) on public relations.
Some of the corporate executive officers sourced in the book identified their own instances of bad judgment as those where they misjudged cases during which their subordinates were involved with an inept or unethical action.
The agency places people who have a background in managerial positions as corporate executive officers or in administration.
Under this arrangement, Sony's corporate executive officers will oversee product planning, technology, procurement, manufacturing, sales and marketing and report directly to Ryoji Chubachi, the electronics division's chief executive officer and president.
Kobe Steel also said it will reduce the number of board members by one-fourth from the current 38, effective April 1, while appointing corporate executive officers to improve management flexibility.
Under the one-bank holding company structure, it is proposed that the holding company's corporate executive officers will hold the equivalent positions for the bank.
a company she founded in 1994 that arranges and facilitates peer group meetings for bank executives, as well as provides consulting services to financial services companies and conducts seminars for corporate executive officers of major regional banks.

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