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The act or practice of an investor or a group of investors buying a majority stake or a significant minority stake in a publicly-traded company such that it can dismiss current managers and replace them with handpicked successors. Raiding often occurs when the company's share price has recently fallen significantly. It is less commonly called venture arbitrage. See also: Hostile takeover, Greenmail.


An attempt to purchase a sufficient number of shares of a company's stock through a tender offer so that control of the target's operations can be taken away from its current management. Also called venture arbitrage.
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The newly launched government effort to decisively halt rampant corporate raiding gives us hope that the assault on APPM will soon cease," said Heinz Zinner, Managing Director of PMH and Board Chairman of APPM.
Qwest's strategy, which CWA has characterized as "a throwback to the days of corporate raiding," would lead to further deterioration of the US West network, Bahr stated.
As two suitors compete to merge with US West and Frontier Communications, CWA supports the Global Crossing bid as consistent with our vision of telecommunications mergers based on new investment that expands competition and creates good jobs, and we oppose the rival bid by Qwest as a throwback to the days of corporate raiding.

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