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Fax-on-demand service: Receive by fax a 2-page article entitled, "Secure Your Place Through Cooperative Education.
An estimated 50,000 employers -- public, private, and nonprofit -- hire cooperative education students.
As director of the Northwest Cooperative Education Center, a regional training center located at Highline Community College in Des Moines, Washington, Gordon travels through the region promoting co-op.
Aynah, an organization that supports student cooperative education chapters at universities (see page 6 for more about it) is another recipient of a CHS Foundation cooperative education grant.
Cooperative education is an excellent educational model to introduce students to, and prepare them for, the rigors of the workplace.
Cooperative education provides a unique opportunity for minorities to understand corporate culture, and to develop mentoring relationships and the all-important track record that will hopefully ensure their success.
Kettering University in Flint, Michigan, is a highly acclaimed private university that offers experiential learning and professional cooperative education through innovative programs in engineering, math, science and business.
With funding from the CHS Foundation, the Minnesota Cooperative Education Foundation provided financial support for the January session, which was advertised through a campus flier.
Today more than 1,000 academic institutions offer cooperative education programs, with more than 275,000 participating students.
You'll have an opportunity to discuss Kettering's cooperative education and experiential learning format in academic areas such as chemical engineering, computer gaming and aerospace engineering.
Nelson's involvement in cooperative education began in the 1970s while serving as community education director for the Minneapolis public school system, where he focused on connecting urban and rural schools around food and hunger issues.
He was speaking at a function organised in New Delhi today, titled National Conference on Strengthening of Cooperative Education and Training .

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