conventional option

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Conventional option

An option contract arranged on the trading floor and traded regularly. The opposite of exotic option.

Conventional Option

An American option or European option that is not traded on an exchange. That is, a conventional option has no special features that would exclude it from an exchange but, nonetheless, is privately negotiated and agreed between the parties. A conventional option is illiquid because there is little secondary market for it. It has become a rare investment vehicle, as trading options on exchanges have become more common.

conventional option

A put or call option contract negotiated independently of the organized option exchanges. Before 1973 and the opening of the Chicago Board Option Exchange, all options originated through private negotiations. The disadvantage of conventional options is their lack of liquidity due to a limited secondary market. See also FLEX option.
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For patients with metastatic skin cancer or kidney cancer, immunotherapy has been found to be more effective than the conventional options, with the possibility of even a complete cure.
Conservation organizations and the funeral industry have been reluctant to approach this topic, he says, even though many people are not comfortable with conventional options and find solace in a natural forest landscape.
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Fortune's extensive experience with the Omani market, coupled with iCreate's innovative banking decision enablement solutions suite, now ensures banks can have a proven solution in the fifth of time and at lower TCOs when compared to conventional options.
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They address the history of the wicked problems concept, explore the principles and procedures managers have used, and their practical limitations, all while providing a view of the current thinking on how to proceed--alternatives to the less than effective conventional options.
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The plan would be to create a far more " responsive" army, which is capable of creating conventional options for " asymmetric" challenges -- which arise when an inherently weak enemy takes on the might of a stronger opponent in subconventional warfare -- the committee said.
The net proceeds - which are similar to the premium paid for conventional options -gives investors the right to exercise the option at the agreed rate on the maturity date.
AMPLIFRESH extends the freshness period of cakes and muffins, allowing manufactures to manage inventory more efficiently, reduce product waste, address aftertaste associated with conventional options and ultimately increase the satisfaction of their customers.
If you are considering the conventional options of bonuses, dividends or contributions to an approved pension scheme or if your tax relief on pension contributions is now restricted to 20 per cent, then perhaps an Employer Financed Retirement Benefit Scheme (EFRBS) is an option.

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