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who, being employed in a supervisory capacity draws wages exceeding five hundred rupees per mensem or exercises, either by the nature of the duties attached to the office or by reason of the powers vested in him, functions mainly of a managerial nature; or undoubtedly the contract labor are referred to as the workmen under the Act and explicitly perform all types of work to that of the regular employees of the principal employer in the establishment.
Under the agreement, CTG has been designated as a contract labor national supplier in the information technology industry category.
16) TO be sure, there have been a few excellent historical studies of legal transplants, including some focused on the diffusion of laws governing slavery, indentured servitude, and contract labor.
There are no widely recognized studies of excellent quality identified by the authors that have examined the impact of a residency program on NGRN turnover and contract labor in community hospitals.
The solution manages all aspects of the contract labor process for businesses, including vendor contracts, contractor timesheets and expenses, invoicing, vendor payments and tax forms.
Unfortunately, the cost and flexibility benefits from utilizing contract labor are often sub-optimized, as the "right number" of contractors with the "right skills" are not necessarily the "right match" for the work at the "right price.
How a particular state treats contract labor can be very important," says John Moore, director of marketing for Acordia in Minneapolis.
Prohibition of alien contract labor was similarly justified by distinguishing between voluntary and servile immigrants.
Strangely enough, Government of India has also been an active player in the employment of contract labor in contravention of the Contract Labor Act.
With seven military and 31 civilians assigned to the 842nd, the unit relies on contract labor to stage and stow cargo and Port Support Activity units to operate, stage and service vehicles at the port.
129] Unlike the Mann Act which rested on the commerce clause, state legislators modeled local white slave traffic acts on contract labor laws.