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Stock trading charts will fall into either Reversal or Continuation patterns and while almost any historical stock trading chart can be found for free online, it can still be difficult to identify a pattern during its early stages.
Triangles are typically continuation patterns, so a downside break seems more probable.
These two short-term continuation patterns mark brief pauses, or resting periods, during dynamic market trends.
For example, the University of Central Florida uses SAS to analyze and report on its colleges, programs and students, including admissions, course-taking behavior, retention, and completion and continuation patterns.
Instead of warning of market reversals, continuation patterns are usually resolved in the direction of the original trend.
Highlights how to build strategies around reversal and continuation patterns, oscillators, and exchange-traded funds
Explains continuation patterns and explores how they can help with the decision-making process during various trading periods
Triangles are usually continuation patterns (therefore a bearish break seems more likely).
Getting Started with the psychology - Single Reversal Patterns - Multiple Reversal Patterns - Continuation Patterns - Bringing it all together - Real world
Triangles are continuation patterns so favor a break below 153.
Triangles are continuation patterns and the prior trend was down, so expect a break lower eventually.
The trend since late 2007 has been up in the EURAUD and since triangles are continuation patterns, the probability is high that the break will be to the upside.