Consumer Confidence Index

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Consumer Confidence Index

An index published by The Conference Board measuring public opinion about the economy. The Consumer Confidence Index surveys consumers' buying habits, level of optimism, and expectations for the future. The index has a base value of 100; The Conference Board declares a recession whenever two consecutive quarters have values below 100. Information contained in the index is based on monthly surveys of 5,000 American households.

Consumer Confidence Index

A measure of consumer views regarding the current economic situation and consumer expectations for the future. Information for the index is compiled and released on the last Tuesday of each month by the Conference Board, an independent not-for-profit research group. Consumer views of the economy affect consumer spending, which makes up two thirds of the U.S. economy.

Consumer confidence index.

The consumer confidence index is released each month by the Conference Board, an independent business research organization.

It measures how a representative sample of 5,000 US households feel about the current state of the economy, and what they anticipate the future will bring. The survey focuses specifically on the participants' impressions of business conditions and the job market.

Economic observers follow the index because when consumer attitudes are positive they are more likely to spend money, contributing to the very economic growth they anticipate. But if consumers are worried about their jobs, they may spend less, contributing to an economic slowdown.

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