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Mass Customization

A strategy in which a company attempts to market a product to a customer's individual wants and needs while still producing the products at high level. That is, mass customization combines features of custom service, where a company makes a product upon demand from the customer, and mass production, where a company makes a large number of products exactly the same and sells them to a large number of customers. A company engaging in mass customization may offer a basic package for a product and then allow a customer to add or subtract different features at his/her discretion.

mass customization

the use of technology and sophisticated computing facilities to individualize mass produced (and therefore identical) products. For example, the manufacture of a pair of jeans specifically designed for an individual can be carried out using a mass production facility. The technique requires accurate measurements that are transmitted by Electronic Data Interchange to the manufacturing point. Cloth is cut by automatic cutting machinery, each piece is identifed by a bar code and the whole is then stitched together and forwarded to the customer. See MASS PRODUCTION.
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According to the company, on 27 January 2015 the US Patent and Trademark Office issued it US Patent number 8,943,180 entitled 'Server-based Service Configuration System and Approach'.
On January 27, 2015, the US Patent and Trademark Office issued United States Patent number 8,943,180 entitled "Server-based Service Configuration System and Approach.
and VigorACS/SI; the auto configuration system for central management over
Enea Linux is based on the Yocto ProjectTM embedded Linux configuration system.
A powerful configuration system allows trainers to set very specific tests, for example, here's just one configuration that a training officer might run:
CITROEN is set to unveil the motor industry's most sophisticated onscreen car configuration system when its next new model reaches the showrooms.
At launch, the service will offer around 20 pre-configured application and operating system images within the drag and drop configuration system with an expanded range to follow quickly, mostly driven by SymetriQ's partners.
Many companies develop their own configuration systems, so the required rules for combining product components or modules, as well as the design of the entire product are usually statically implemented in the configuration system.
Appropriate for Linux users and Unix administrators, this guide explains how to set up a Linux server on the internet, build a DNS server using BIND, install the ISPConfig software configuration system, and administer the Apache web server.
The product sells for 9 million yen ($75,500) for the standard configuration system.
Compaq worked with Lucent and Aware Inc on the modem, which is available via Compaq's built-to-order custom configuration system.

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