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While banks like Deutsche Bank can offer innovative, same-day value solutions, such as the Bank's Global Cash Concentration service, the ability to implement such a solution to encompass Asia depends on a corporate's internal holding structures.
Also launched is a new internet-based, fully automated cash concentration service, Global Liquidity Engine (GLE).
It is expected that the Contractor will be capable of providing the College the basic banking services requested including bank accounts, depository services, check clearing services, coin and currency services, night depository services, investment services, stop payment services, account analyses, monthly statements, concentration services, wire transfer services, and online inquiry for local bank accounts.
The company's clients in Latin America and the Caribbean use CitiDirect[R] Online Banking to initiate local and cross-border payments and trade transactions, as well as access netting, collections, liquidity management, investments, multibank cash concentration services, insurance letters of credit, information reporting and continuous linked settlement (CLS).

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