Composite trading

Composite Trading

A report at the end of each trading day of the changes in price, trading volume, and closing prices for securities that trade on a given exchange or in a given country. Because some securities trade on multiple exchanges in different time zones, the composite trading report may not be completely accurate, but it provides a quick look at how different securities did over the trading day.

Composite trading.

Composite trading figures report end-of-day price changes, closing prices, and the daily trading volume for stocks, warrants, and options listed on a stock exchange.

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) total also includes transactions on regional exchanges and listed securities traded over-the-counter.

Since trading continues on some of those exchanges after the close of business in New York, the composite figures give a comprehensive picture of the day's activities but do not include after-hours transactions.

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The President said that for centuries, South Asia and Southeast Asia have been perceived as a composite trading region, with cultural similarities as well.
Currently, Asian stocks are pressured with the Shanghai Composite trading -0.
Kodak plunged 91 cents, or 54 per cent, to 78 cents a share on Friday in New York Stock Exchange composite trading, the biggest drop since at least 1974.
Emerging Asia is choppy this morning with the Shanghai Composite trading flat, India's Sensex slipping 0.
declined the most in five months in New York Stock Exchange composite trading after its chief executive officer predicted a "difficult" year in which the economy will drag on sales of defibrillators and heart stents.
2 Allscripts shares, meaning a 19 percent premium on the basis of closing prices in NASDAQ composite trading.
36 yesterday in New York Stock Exchange composite trading.
01 to its share price and closed in composite trading at $4.
30 on Thursday in New York Stock Exchange composite trading.
86 according to the New York Times in composite trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market, the biggest gain since February 2006.
the nation's largest drug maker, saw its shares fall 70 cents that day in New York Stock Exchange composite trading.