compliance department

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Compliance department

A department in all organized stock exchanges to ensure that all companies, traders, and brokerage firms comply with Securities and Exchange Commission and exchange rules and regulations.

Compliance Department

A department in a brokerage with the duty of ensuring that all trades comply with applicable laws and SEC regulations. A compliance department oversees employees and principals of the brokerage and monitors their activities. It must also investigate suspicious activity and, if necessary, report it to the appropriate authority.

compliance department

Securities exchange staff who are charged with ensuring that activity on the exchange complies with the rules of the exchange and those of the SEC.
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So should it be with compliance departments when dealing with advisors who are responsible and settled into their practice.
Rita has extensive experience in legal and compliance departments across the banking industry.
While compliance departments are equipped to identify and manage these risks, these functions are frequently not involved in the necessary processes.
Sales and operations personnel need a level of flexibility to entertain clients and avoid committing cultural faux pas, but compliance departments have a constant concern that these expenses could violate anticorruption regulations.
The software allows compliance departments to simplify all day-to-day recruiting and student-athlete management duties through advanced technology and a proactive rules integration which has been independently audited to ensure compliance with NCAA Bylaws.
They are also a reminder of looming responsibility for the organizations' compliance departments, wrote Compliance Completes Emmanuel Olaoye in a recent Reuters article.
When broker dealers focus on measuring the productivity and cost efficiency of their compliance departments, we have found that other best practices generally follow.
Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), a Germany-based automaker, has named Frank Fabian as its new Chief Compliance Officer and head of the Governance, Risk and Compliance departments with immediate effect.
He has been with the credit union since 2001 and previously served as vice president of internal audit where he led both the internal audit and compliance departments.
The company said Kelley will be responsible for the Safety and Regulatory Compliance departments, including Quality Assurance and Quality Control.
Carriers' advertising compliance departments develop their disclosures from several different sources--litigation, federal and state regulation, market-conduct exams, prior experience and consumer complaints.

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