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Short for "comparison ticket," a memorandum between two brokers that confirms the details of a transaction to be carried out.


A confirmation from one broker to another with respect to the details of a security trade. Also called broker comparison, comp.
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Here, Ptaszczewska stresses a fundamental aspect of comparative studies, that of translation.
Tools for data analysis, manipulation, and visualization for comparative studies will also be provided.
Although symposia and conferences devoted to a single literary text are a staple in Anglo-American and comparative studies, the practice has until recently been under-explored and little-used in Hispanic studies.
Comparative studies on efficiency and tolerability of Alvesco(R)
It is not surprising that truly comparative studies always prove to be the most difficult: those in this volume achieve only mixed results.
Nevertheless, sufficient support is marshaled from comparative studies to lend credence to the author's claims.
In a brief conclusion Martin describes what he sees as the coming agenda in the history of the book, especially comparative studies across national borders.
Moynihan supported this pronouncement by referring to only two books on slavery, both comparative studies by U.
The results obtained from previous validation and comparative studies bring Acrongenomics one step closer to finalizing its Nano-JETA(TM) technology platform by introducing its first Real Time PCR prototype kits.
We need comparative studies of women's experiences in different locales, and we particularly need works on the antebellum era that will clarify the differential impact of living in a slave-labor as opposed to a free-labor based society.

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