metropolitan area

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metropolitan area

(1) Generally, any area in or around a city. (2) A concept developed by the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in order to standardize the descriptions of geographical areas so that comparisons of data among various federal agencies could be on an apples-to-apples basis; all data regarding a particular metropolitan area would apply to the same geographical area and the same population density and profile.Today,the concept is called core-based statistical areas,which include metropolitan statistical areas and micropolitan statistical areas. One may find statistical information about each at the Web site of the U.S. Census,

• Metropolitan statistical areas contain at least one urbanized area of 50,000 people or more.

• Micropolitan statistical areas contain at least one urbanized area and a population of 10,000 to 50,000 people.

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The provinicial towns, in London's commuter belt, ware in a treasure hunting frenzy as lottery players search every nook and cranny of their homes and even employing helpers in a desperate attmept to find the ticket worth [pounds sterling]64m ($101m).
One group, of women graduates, clustered particularly in London and the commuter belt, is having children very late and the rest are having them at much the same age as their mothers and their grandmothers did," she said.
Cllr Knowles said the road part of the commuter belt between London and Portsmouth had not witnessed any major incidents prior to Monday night's crash.
The commuter belt of Al Khan (Mamzar) and Al Nahdah faired better, with only a one per cent drop, while the more desirable Corniche area - which has the highest rents in Sharjah, ranging from Dhs22,000 to Dhs54,000 for studios to three--bedroom units, saw a marginal gain of two per cent.
Mr Ellis said: "Modern properties, built since 1960, have their own pull, which is sometimes linked to convenience; whether it is a location on a commuter belt or the fact little extra work is needed.
The premises are on a prominent site in Sunbury-on-Thames just off the main roundabout to the M3, close to the M25 motorway and well within the London commuter belt.
cruises and Southampton is closer to both Mediterranean destinations and the wealthy Surrey commuter belt.
The premise is based on research which paints most of us who live in cities as always miserable and desperate for a go at life on the other side of the commuter belt where, naturally, the grass is greener.
Reflecting the reliance of Scotland, London and commuter belt of East Anglia on financial services jobs, dissatisfaction with employers rose to between 58%-65%.
But the New York doctor now plans to rebuild his home on the same piece of land in the city's Long Island commuter belt.
Plans to build up to 2,000 homes on farmland next to an exclusive commuter belt are now unlikely to go ahead
The new sales facility for the Emerald Ridge Collection of homes will be directed by Realty Resource Associates at Saw Creek, a local brokerage firm which specializes in home sales at the well-established residential community in Pike County's Bushkill Township in the heart of the Poconos' commuter belt.