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Common stock equivalent

A convertible security that is traded like an equity issue because the optioned common stock is trading above the conversion price.

Common Stock Equivalent

A convertible security that is traded as if it was a common stock. The common stock equivalent is traded like common stock because it can be exchanged for actual common stock on demand from the holder.

common stock equivalent

A security viewed as basically the same as common stock, generally because the equivalent security may be exchanged for shares of common stock. Common stock equivalents include convertible bonds, convertible preferred stock, options, and warrants. Common stock equivalents are used in calculating earnings per share even though the calculation overstates the actual number of shares outstanding.
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Earnings attributable to each share of common stock, taking into account the pro forma exercise or conversion to common shares of common stock equivalents.
The amount of earnings for a period available to each share of common stock outstanding and to each share that would have been outstanding had all common stock equivalents been converted.
Common stock equivalents outstanding during the two nine-month periods were 5,121,618 and 5,385,528, respectively.
A common stock equivalent is a security that, because of the terms under which it was issued, is in substance the same as common stock.
An additional 215,277 shares have been allocated for UFHI's option holders, bringing the total number of Synovus Shares to 2,483,444 for all of UFHI's common stock and common stock equivalents outstanding.
announced today that it has received approximately $2,800,000 and issued 811,312 shares of Common Stock or Common Stock equivalents since Dec.
Synovus will issue 2,470,873 shares of its Common Stock and $28,967,000 of cash for all the outstanding common stock and common stock equivalents of United Financial.
The issuance of additional common stock by reason of conversion of debentures will have no effect upon Witco's earnings per share calculations as the shares underlying the debenture have been included as common stock equivalents in such calculations.
12/share on 13,997,162 shares of common stock and common stock equivalents.
NYSE: ACI) announced today that its board of directors approved a quarterly dividend of 10 cents per share of common stock and common stock equivalents into which the preferred stock can be converted.
34) were incorrect due to the impact of anti-dilutive common stock equivalents included in the calculation.