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E[sz] Our commodity swaps resulted in a gain of $2.
Currently triReduce offers compression in cleared and uncleared interest rate swaps (including FRAs and Overnight Index Swaps), cross currency swaps, credit derivatives and commodity swaps.
Rather, commodity swaps are usually set in bilateral contracts between two parties, typically between large commercial banks and other institutional investors.
The CFTC was given authority over a very broadly defined universe of 'swaps', including interest rate swaps, commodity swaps, agricultural swaps, currency swaps and swaps (including credit default swaps) based on broad-based indices of securities.
Volume of commodity swaps cleared grew 82% year-on-year and 19% month-on-month to 43,055 contracts.
These commodity swaps have been increasingly difficult to maintain because of market differences in water and gas, and mounting political rivalry.
A final rule published in May by federal banking agencies requires commercial banks to look at the risk profile of end-users negotiating for interest rate or commodity swaps and determine whether a margin is needed.
The Treasury decision to exempt FX swaps and forwards does nothing to erase business concerns about having to post margins on interest rate and commodity swaps, one of the issues that dominated the April 12 Senate hearing.
The changes proposed in the ED apply solely to interest rate swaps and commodity swaps.
In addition, the instruments automatically terminate if the underlying index drops in value beyond a certain predetermined level (in contrast, commodity swaps are structured as total-return instruments).
Reporting of equity, foreign exchange, and other commodity swaps by swap dealers begins on Feb.
8 million associated with commodity swaps and an after-tax gain of $5.