Commodity indices

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Commodity indices

Indices measuring the price and performance of physical commodities, often by the price of futures contracts for the commodities that are listed on commodity exchanges.

Commodity Indices

Indices that track the price of different types of commodities. A commodity index may track commodities directly, or indirectly by tracking futures contracts for certain commodities. For example, commodity indices may track energy products or currencies, or may tracks futures contracts in either of those. Commodity indices operate much like exchange-traded funds or mutual funds in day-to-day trading: investors may buy, sell, or short sell shares in commodity indices as if they were stocks. An advantage to trading commodity indices is that it gives investors access to commodity markets without needing to buy or accept delivery on the underlying commodities.
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For additional information, terms and conditions and licensing opportunities, please visit the Bloomberg Commodity Index online or type{BCOM} on the Bloomberg Professional service.
Despite concerns raised by some policymakers that increased commodity index investment (the financialization of commodifies) has driven commodity price movements, numerous academic studies have concluded that index-based investing has not moved prices or exacerbated volatility in commodity markets in recent years.
A risk weighted commodity index fund issued by Ossiam has been tradable on Xetra for the first time since Thursday.
Listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange, it will give investors access to the underlying Africa Commodity Index and the performance of four commodity sub-sectors: base metals, precious metals, energy and agriculture.
The banking company said that it has launched the new HSBC Amanah Commodity Index Fund.
The private sector entity in future contract trading is already attracting investment in its more than nine commodity index within.
As DGCX is the first and largest derivatives exchange in the Middle East, its prices and data are invaluable in our development of new commodity index products.
It is time for the CFTC [Commodity Futures Trading Commission] to change course, rein in commodity index traders, and clamp down on excessive speculation that is disrupting commodity prices," said Sen.
Two commonly referenced commodity indexes are the Standard & Poor's Goldman Sachs Commodity Index (S&P GSCI) and Dow Jones-American International Group Commodity Index (DJ-AIGCI), which are based on a broad range of physical commodities, including energy products, agricultural products, and metals.
This mutual fund is designed to track the Goldman Sachs Commodity Index of wheat, metals, hogs, etc.
DJ-MG) Commodity Index, which provides exposure to a basket of commodities, including energy, livestock, industrial metals, precious metals, grains and food/fiber.
In related news, Standard & Poor's and the New York Board of Trade will introduce the S&P Commodity Index (SPCI) and the Fall 2001 launch of futures and options contracts based on the index.

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