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Being able to identify the risks your clients face, expose the gaps in their current insurance or risk management program and communicate your findings in a compelling and professional manner is the first line of defense in the war against commoditization.
The commoditization of computing and networking technology has advanced the penetration of cluster computing into mainstream enterprise computing applications.
At one time, commoditization was considered a serious factor in sales of old-time simple products, like term and pre-need life insurance.
These are cases of strategic and portfolio innovation to offset commoditization by moving the competitive frame to markets where they have more control over product technology curves.
Two major trends will enable the migration from manual processing to the streamlined paperless mortgage: product commoditization and technological sophistication.
Weiss, an anthropologist, constructs an extremely detailed ethnographic account of traditional Haya worldview and its contemporary dissolution in the face of increasing commoditization of goods and services and its inevitable social devastation, including a major AIDS outbreak, and the ultimate subordination of the Haya to the state which today encapsulates the one-time autonomous kingdom.
In this context, the salam moneylending contracts and their effects on the peasant differentiation, monetarizing of rural economy, the commoditization of land, and the accumulation of profit and power of some merchants (urban and rural) are discussed.
To understand how commoditization is playing out now and in the future, EY surveyed US and European health care buyers for the report in four major medtech markets: the US, the UK, Germany and Spain.
Product devaluation and diminishing sales margins continue to drive crop input commoditization.
So Loveman chose to avoid commoditization through counterintuitive means: Harrah's now uses information technology to identify its best customers and then lavishes perks on them--with the expressed intent of letting its other regular customers see the difference.