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Describes a trader's obligation to accept or make delivery on a futures contract. Related: Open interest.


1. The legal obligation to undertake an activity in a given way at a given time in the future. Usually, commitment refers to the requirement for parties to a futures contract to make or receive delivery of the underlying commodities on the expiration date of the contract.

2. A liability. A commitment is the obligation to make good on an agreement at some point. For example, a borrower makes a commitment to pay back a loan by a certain time.

commitment (loan)

An agreement by a lender to extend a loan on certain terms and conditions and by a certain date. Language making the “commitment” subject to credit approval or underwriting are not true commitments at all, but merely quotes.

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Q: If I were going to talk with my teenage kids about the cultural acceptance of sex without commitment, I'd tell them:
Backed by Kennedy's loan commitment, Senior Tour Players, Inc.
Because of the positive relationship between organizational commitment and authority, it is especially important to consider how commitment can be increased for positions with lower levels of formal authority.
According to Robbins (2004) defines organizational commitment when the person knows the organization and wish to stay in the organization.
According to the Standard Life study there are three core commitment life stages with transition phases in between:
THE average UK person spends 10 times more money on financial commitments than family and friends, but devotes four times more time to thinking about emotional commitments, new research has found.
Since commitment has been shown to be significantly correlated with turnover (Meyer & Allen, 1997), several authors have examined the effects of commitment on coaches' intentions to leave their organization and/or occupation (Cunningham, Sagas, & Ashley, 2001; Turner & Chelladurai, 2005).
Research evidence indicates that downsizing is associated with decreased Organizational commitment (Farrell, 2003; T.
The commitment fee included both refundable and nonrefundable portions.
New York Life considers its commitment to diversity a key strength and an essential component to achieving long-term business objectives.
Japanese industry has been working with the national government to voluntarily reduce greenhouse gas emissions and take other measures to assist in meeting Japan's Kyoto Protocol commitment.
First, a loan commitment gives a company the option to borrow a certain amount in the future, while a loan actually provides funds to the borrower.