commingled fund

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Commingled Fund

1. A mutual fund in which money from several customers is pooled together to reduce risk and cost. Any fund investing a large amount of money is subject to a lower percentage of brokerage fees, and large accounts usually have smaller administrative costs than individual accounts. They also benefit from economies of scale, mitigating risk. However, capital gains in a commingled fund are distributed equally among investors, usually resulting in a smaller return.

2. A normally illegal practice in which a broker mingles his own funds with those of his/her client, making it difficult to distinguish to whom to give returns.

commingled fund

An investment fund that consists of assets of several individual accounts. A commingled fund is established to reduce the cost and effort required to manage accounts separately.
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The firm provides investment advisory services to institutional clients including corporations, nonprofits, public funds, Taft-Hartley and sub-advisory clients through separate accounts and commingled funds.
From the commingled funds, Edwards allegedly diverted investor money for personal use as well as to finance other unrelated bond offerings.
Since its founding in 2008, STP Investment Services has provided middle and back office support to institutional managers, wealth managers, plan sponsors, commingled funds and hedge funds across the world.
SkyBridge Capital's alternative investment offerings include multi-strategy, commingled funds of hedge funds products, customised separate account portfolios and hedge fund advisory services.
Since the debtor had commingled the project owner's payments subject to trust fund status with non-trust property, the parties had to trace the commingled funds to determine whether any trust funds were included as part of the alleged preference.
As a member of Hines' Capital Markets team, he will have global responsibilities for institutional capital raising, and structuring of commingled funds, programmatic joint ventures and separate accounts.
Within the last few years, though, while plans continue to invest in commingled funds, many have begun investing in hedge funds directly, Yuen says.
To clarify the instructions for certain filing obligations, and as a result of significant public comment (originally requested under Notice 2009-62), the IRS issued Notice 2010-23, which provided administrative relief for certain foreign commingled funds.
UBP has been investing in hedge funds since 1972 and offers a range of capabilities, from tailored recommendations to commingled funds.
The Service also extended until June 30, 2011, the deadline for filing an FBAR that would otherwise be due for 2010 and earlier calendar years for persons who only have signature authority over, but no financial interest in, a foreign financial account and those holding foreign commingled funds.
Survey questions pertained to the management of individual securities held by the government, excluding commingled funds such as LGIPs or money markets.