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Produce a collection policy and disaster plan, clean old cassette tapes and showcases.
I do believe that Conwy Council has up to now been doing a good job in its re-cycling and waste collection policy, much better than the policies adopted by other councils in the UK.
There is a necessity for stricter enforcement of the authority's collection policy to address the issue of arrears, and timely imposition of more effective measures, including power cuts and legal measures, to safeguard the authority's interests," the report said.
Mumbai: Following massive anti-toll protests by various parties in recent times, the Maharashtra government will introduce a new toll collection policy, Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said here on Thursday.
Our members find themselves in the midst of yet another holiday season contending with an obsolete sales tax collection policy.
They asked Brant to use the same bill collection policy as Brant County Power, Union Gas, and Bell Canada which move billing to tenants upon request.
Al-Tigani Al-Sessi, asserted the necessity for the support of the Armed Forces and the other Regular Forces to face and settle the tribal confilicts, and the work for collection of weapons the expand of the state authority indicating the need of r arms collection policy.
Donnelly said, as directed by the art collection policy, the money from the auction will go into the collections fund, not into the general endowment or operating funds.
In a statement extended to Sudan Tribune, the ministry said it reached an understanding with all South Sudan states' finance ministers, and agreed the latter provides additional compensation under the centralised collection policy.
Make it easy to pay - You should have a clear collection policy in place outlining credit terms, how you will collect money and any overdue payments ?
In addition, the implementation of the debt collection policy played a vital role in maintaining the company's assets, it added.
Our collection policy seminar in 2010 was such a great success that we held another sessionon 15 April 2011, again at Tampere City Library which is a good place to gather people from around the whole Finland because of its central geographic position.

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