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The contract relates mainly professional development activities within the framework of work on technology cluster initiative Tech Tank in OlofstrE[micro]m, but can also apply to other operations within OlofstrE[micro]ms Enterprise AB.
This cluster initiative is also aligned with the aerospace-focused South Kansas Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) community, an Administration-wide designation which recognizes that community's commitment to and potential for contributing to a national resurgence in manufacturing.
The department issued an RFP to ensure the identified 16 Career Clusters were covered equally, and the State Career Cluster Initiative was born in 2001.
She is not part of the cluster initiative, but her recruitment gives Prehoda hope.
It is also common that the formation of a cluster and the support of its development is connected with the so-called cluster initiative, which, according to the Cluster Initiative Greenbook (Solvell et al.
Student exchange agreements with 26 leading fashion institutes from around the world and a special craft cluster initiative that encourages working with local craftsmen ensure that there is never a dull moment for students during their four- year undergraduate course.
Life Science Austria Vienna (LISAvienna) is the cluster initiative for biotechnology / pharmaceuticals and medical technology in the City of Vienna.
As the first major regional innovation cluster initiative of the Obama administration, GPIC has received substantial funding from four federal agencies, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and private industry.
Qatar is not the only country that stands to benefit from the digital content cluster initiative.
The cluster initiative, according to the Cluster Initiative Greenbook (2003) is defined as "an organized effort focused on the increase of growth and competitiveness of a cluster in the region with the participation of cluster companies, government and/or research community".
The most comprehensive survey so far "The Cluster Initiative Greenbook" (Solvell et al.
has acquired the North American rights to this technology, which was developed at NRC's Nutrisciences and Health cluster initiative.